It’s crazy how your heart spin so many times in your life because you trust people to cover your heart n protect from disease but they leave u n cancer comes in life theft 24/7 because ur heart get hurt every minute because the person u trust just hurt it but u said it’s fine cause i love them but u keep the cancer inside ur heart and it grows…….. inside n turn ur heart from red to blue to purple then black when you don’t feel love no more for yourself and family so look I’m die from unknown disease call Love n I’m waiting for treatment plan for i can beat it before it kill me inside out .. so is going to help and have Four types of hearts and I’m going to explain it and than i tell you what heart i have right now

Red Heart❤️ = you love everything and u have little pain but u know how to deal with life and situations that comes and know of pain but don’t understand pain and hurt

Blue Heart💙 = you cold hearted n u think people don’t care about u but u have people n u trust limit of people at a time n know of pain but don’t understand pain and hurt

Purple Heart💜 = you understand pain and hurt but u still love people n trust a little bit people n u don’t believe in love but for ur family n yourself

Black Heart🖤 = you the king of queen of pain n hurt n you don’t believe in yourself and u just want to give up on everything like yourself and life and can’t trust nobody